Rugeri Promotions was formed in 2006 and created its name by using the first two letters

of the three male committee members names: Rudy Granger, George Wilcox and Richard Commissiong.

As our motto "For the Fun of It" suggests, we are involved in the production of this section

because of our love for Carnival and more importantly, the joy of meeting new people.

As a group, we always believe that you must "Give Back" and as such every year we select

a charity to which a donation is made.

Rugeri has so far made donations to: The La Brea RC Home, The Kistow Home in Arima,

The Cyril Ross Home in Tunapuna, The All in One Development Centre in Betham and

the Credo Foundation for Justice responsible for the Credo Drop-In and

Developmental Centre, the Aylward Transitional Facility for Boys, the Sophia House

Empowerment Centre and the Ruah Transitional Centre for Girls under the Directorship

of Sister Roberta O'Flaherty.

Another part of our "Fun" is the actual making of all our costumes. We can boast that our

committee and friends are totally responsible for the production of all our costumes.

Once again we will again ensure that you will experience complete satisfaction and  pleasure

in our 2017 presentation : "Al Trini Arabs"